Sunsets – I Love Them

Beautiful Sunset
Dublin Sunset

Many times a year I go out to watch the sun setting. Sometimes in my yard and sometimes I drive to a specific area close to home to enjoy them. I also love taking photos and of course I take lots of sunset photos. I have a very nice point and shoot camera that can go on auto or manual. Funny thing is that this photo came out pretty nice and I just took it with my Samsung phone.

Pretty Creek Walk

Alamo Creek in Dublin is such a pretty place to take a walk. I have seen a lot of different birds there lately! The water is really rushing this year. There is lot’s of squirrels and mushrooms too. I am lucky that it is only about 10 minutes drive from home.


Red Tail Hawk

Common Merganser Ducks – I don’t see them often.
Great Egret
Bling Tree – I just thought it looked cool.
Mushroom Bird Bath
Mallard Duck Party
Pretty Day