Dog Wrestling Matches

Our two dogs Lucy and Aspen. We adopted these two at the same time. We wanted two so they would have each other to hang or play with. At first it was kind of a challenge. Partly because one of them has taken much more time to come around. For instance she is afraid of the dark. Anyway they are not buddy buddy but they like each other and get along well. They romped and chased a few times when we first got them 5 months ago but not much since then. Just the other day out of the blue for two days in a row they decided to chase each other like crazy and do some wrestling. I think the first day Lucy (the black and white dog) took the points. The second day I think Aspen (the brown and black dog) took it. I got photos each day.

They are fun to watch and each one has their own thing going on. Lucy will fetch and bring back a ball or toy the entire day long and doesn’t care about much else. Aspen likes to chew on the toys and squeak them but doesn’t care much about fetching. They are both sweet girls.

This is Lucy. She is such a smart dog. She slide open the shower door to lick the water off the shower floor and it is not that easy to slide. She also knows when the phone rings around 7 pm it is Scott my husband calling to make sure the dogs are in the house or secure in the back yard so he can pull in the garage. She starts running back and forth looking out the front window and going to the garage door to see him. She also loves chasing the flashlight beam so when I go out to roast coffee beans at night she follows me right out and will wait for at least 7 minutes for me to play the flashlight game with her.








Our New Doggies

Meet our new furry family members! Aspen and Lucy.

My son Jeff with the girls right after we picked them.
Still by PetSmart while my hub Scott was filling out the paperwork.

Earlier this year we lost our dog Charlotte which was so darn sad. We finally got ready to adopt two dogs which we have not done before. We went to PetSmart when an organization called Stonecliffe was there with dogs to adopt. We heard a lot about them and like how they socialize the dogs, spay/neuter them, and care for them. They have a huge property and are taking in dogs all the time to save them. So we did a little research on the dogs we wanted to check out for the adoption event. We wanted girl dogs and dogs about 1 year or so old.

Aspen – She is about 2 years old. She is Shepherd Hound mix. She is kind of shy, like to bury things in the yard and skittish but very sweet.
Lucy – She is about 1 1/2 years old. She is a Border Collie mix. She has a lot of energy, friendly, loves to fetch, very sweet also.
Me, Jeff (our son), Scott (my Hub) in our yard the day we got the dogs.
Day two. Cutie dogs.
Aspen has kind of nabbed the spot under my craft table on the brown bed thing so I haven’t seen the two of them there to much.
Lucy could play fetch all day long and is very smart.
Day 3 – Trail dogs.. We took them to the regional park very close to home called Dublin Hills that we love to go to. They seemed to enjoy it too.
Day 7 – Another regional park trail called Las Trampas. They love all the smells especially what the cows leave behind.

Well we have had these two for a bit over a week. It is quite the experience. You kind of feel like you have young kids again. Someone has been home with them all the time since we got them. We just want to make sure things are ok. They get along really great. No food fights. They do some scuffling around playing with each other. What I am not sure of where the line is between playing and a dog fight. Since Lucy has so much energy we take them on two walks per day and throw the ball for Lucy a couple times a day. Aspen is not comfortable with the dark so she gets skittish so that is something we are working with and hopefully she will be more comfortable over time. Unfortunately it is kind of hard for me to walk these two by myself. They pull quite a bit and are 50 or so pounds each. It seems things are kind of settling down and routines are happening which is really nice. We are very glad to have these two sweeties with us.

On another note.. This is my 100th blog post! I have had my blog going for a little over 1 year.