Alcohol Ink Fun

As I said in Flickr I watched Jennifer McGuire’s video on creating panels using water and alcohol inks. If you would like to check this out here is the link.  It is fun and once you get that all going you have to make a few or more. You basically get a little pan of water and drip a few colors of alcohol ink in the water and do different things with it. You can just leave it how it lands, swirl it around with a stick, add blending solution which I did not do. Then just kind of stick your paper down in the water one end first pushing it forward kind of slowly while doing that so all of the paper goes under the water and collects some alcohol ink on it. Also she mentions check the back side of the paper and sometimes those look better. So now I have a pile of them to have fun with.

Alcohol Ink Fun

As you can see I went with orange, yellow, and red which I tried first. Kind of funny the first one is one of my very favorites. I changed the water and then I tried some blues and greens. At the end of the blue green batch I dropped some purple and blue in. She used Neenah 110 paper which I mostly did also. There are a couple pieces of random white paper in there. The big round drops was just dropping the alcohol ink right on the wet paper after I pulled it out of the water. The one with just a few dots I wish I would have let it be since I really like the way it came out before the dots.


Mixed Media Frame – For Hubby

Mixed Media Frame for Hubby

I was struggling to figure out what to get my hub for his birthday. It finally hit me, make a fun frame with a photo from our recent Tahoe trip.

I started out with a plain light wood frame. I used several different colors of Distress paints on the frame to create the streaky wood look. I was very happy how that came out.

The trees were die cut from water color paper that I had water colored with a couple different greens. The die is Sizzix/Tim Holtz Woodlands (660978). I ended up cutting a couple more trees out and glued them together so the trees were thicker. I also put some inks over the original watercolor. Then I was having trouble with white showing from the bottom layers of trees so I ended up spraying the trees with some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist. So let’s just say those trees have many layers. Note to self go around at least the edges of the paper layers underneath with some ink or spray.

The letters I had and inked them up with some Distress Oxide inks.

All the wood pieces I had and I just colored them with different inks or Copics. The bird is supposed to be a blue jay which are very common at Lake Tahoe.

The photo is of my hub and our two dogs Aspen and Lucy at Fallen Leaf Lake. The brown and black dog is Aspen and Lucy is the black and white dog.

This was a fun project and I am really happy with how it turned out.

Here is a few more photos of our dogs in Tahoe.

Crafty Divider for Stencil and Stamp Set Storage

So recently I took all of my stencils and made an image with them on a piece of paper so I could see how they look, label them and put them in sleeves instead of shoving in together to get tangled up. I got the same plastic sleeves that Jennifer McGuire suggested. Not only is she great at card making and techniques she does a fab job at organizing too. Of course I mostly used my Oxide inks to create all of the images. I barely get them put back in their box and they come right back out. I love them.

Fun Divider for Crafty Storage

This is a piece of chipboard that I first put a coat of gesso on. Then I used the Hero Arts Honeycomb stencil to create the background. It doesn’t match up perfectly where I moved it around but it’s a divider so I wasn’t trying to have it be perfectly lined up. I used two different colors of Oxide ink which is kind of hard to see. The flowers are a stencil by Donna Downey Studios called Painted Flowers (DD-020) and you guessed it Oxide ink.

I actually had a lot of fun creating all the sample images from my stencils and this divider. You can just do it and not worry about making a card and play around. I didn’t do anything tricky or fancy but just good old putting some ink down through a stencil.

The fun container I got to store the stencils and large stamp sets in.

Mixed Media – Hiking Boards

This is the board when I first got it and starting the altering process. I got a good sale price at Hobby Lobby.
I made it quite some time ago so let’s see if I can remember what I did. I painted with either gesso or white paint. Probably gesso. I added some printed tissue by Tim Holtz, stamped with some Hero Arts stamps, stenciled with embossing paste that I added some color to. I painted the wood bird and added some gesso over that to give it a washed look. There is also a bee charm on it. I added an extra piece of cork so that the pins would lay flat. The cork that was on the board originally was too thin. The boots at the bottom I took off a card my hub gave me. The photos are of my hiking group, my hub, dog and me, my son and me. All are taken at parks in the East Bay Regional Park system which is my favorite trails to hike on and a great park system. Every year since I participate in a trail challenge. All you have to do is hike 26 miles for the entire year and you get a pin.  It was lot’s of fun to make and I am very happy with the way it turned out.


Just recently I wanted an additional board for pins from the East Bay Regional Parks so I made this one. This was easier since it started with the flat white paint. I added a piece of cork in the middle again for having a deeper piece so the pins go all the way in. I used several Hero Arts stamps on this also along with a stencil and embossing paste.

Stamps used: Hero Arts Leaf Clusters (CL477), WPlus9 Fanciful Feathers, Inkadinkado Meadow, Hero Arts Antique Flowers and Butterfly (657773).

Old School Stencils

Old School Stencils

I thought I would share these since a lot of us enjoy using stencils. I was looking for some information about programming our heater controller and ran across a folder that said stencils. This is what I found.

The small ones are freebies from Leisure Arts magazine. The green ones are from Ben Franklin and I have no idea when I got them. Some of the holiday ones on the left are from a craft store in the city I grew up in down in Southern California. The ones that were purchased were 99 cents each. Maybe my Mom bought some of these to use but I think I probably did.

Funny how most of them looked like they were never used just like some supplies I have that I bought more recently (over the last several years). They were also made for a different purpose than card making but it is fun to see how for the most part there is very little detail compared to what we use today. I told my hub we could use them to add seasonal decor next to our house address on the curb. Ha.

Fun Journal Card Storage Box


I created this box for my craft closet to store pocket page/journaling cards. Funny how many pocket page cards I have and don’t really even do that. I thought I was going to.. just like the other 10 projects. Anyway…

This was just a plain chipboard box. I first sprayed it with Heidi Swapp spray ink Color Shine. It was kind of sticky and not soaking in. So I decided to paint over it with gesso so I could paint the outside again. Well the color sprays mixed in the with the gesso while I was doing that. I was liking that flat paint look so I left it that way.

Then I decided it needed more. So.. I got several of my Hero Arts stamps out and stamped all over the box using Archival ink. Now it looks way more fun to me and it was fun doing it. It was challenging stamping on the box though since it is flexible a bit and not solid behind the stamping areas so I put my hand inside the box to stabilize it some. For the lid I may have done that a bit different than the box but using the same sprays and gesso. I love cardmaking and sometimes do some scrapbooking but it is always fun to do a different kind of crafty project (I have several waiting).

I entered this in the a2z Scrapbooking Challenge for December since they had the theme of anything but a card.