Picket Fence Studios Class Cards

Howdy! Way back in March I took a class with the owner of Picket Fence Studios at Expo. I enjoyed it and it was very helpful to me to learn how to better use my Zig Clean Color pens. I like them but wasn’t using them to much. The big trick is using Bristol paper with them.

Here are two of the cards I finished up just recently from the class. I will add the third card when I finish it.

Picket Fence Studios Lily


Basically we learned about the Bristol paper, how to color with Zigs and she provided the card designs and paper. We also got the stamp set with this pretty flower. She has a nice black hybrid ink that worked well for this coloring. The three different things we did was two, three and five colors and blending them. This is a nice flower image and they were fun to color. I have one more to finish up. You know I wouldn’t want to rush into it. Ha.

Just one little thought on these cards. The Bristol paper is not a white white so when it is next to white you can see that more.

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