Special Creative Young Man

I would just like to talk about a very special and creative young guy that I ran across yesterday. This guy designs greeting cards and sells them to raise money for Stanford’s Children’s Hospital.

I went to the Farmers Market just like I do many Saturdays in a town next to mine. When I saw greeting cards on a table I had to check it out since I love making cards. This young man told how he designed all of his cards. They appear to be drawn and water colored or pen colored. He does reproduce them by scanning them and printing them out but they are all his designs. He explained how he had collected some money from his cards to donate and he wanted to help kids that were ill. Many places he called said just send the money to us. Stanford Children’s Hospital said come on down and visit us. That is so nice of them to be personally involved. So after he saw the kids he decided that was where he wanted all of his donations to go. I was so impressed by him and it is super cool that he keeps doing this to help these kids. He has a goal for money to raise during the summer and money to raise by the time he gets done with high school which is four years from now.

I hope that I have the story details correct but you can check this out on his website. You can order cards from him on his website or locals can go to the San Ramon Farmer Market and get cards there on Saturday until about 1 pm.


2 thoughts on “Special Creative Young Man”

  1. Doesn’t get any better than this…donating-wise. What a great way to use a talent for the benefit of others. My husband and I are Partners in Hope for St. Judes and this is right up there with that. I wish this young man all the best in the world doing what he does.


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