Old School Stencils

Old School Stencils

I thought I would share these since a lot of us enjoy using stencils. I was looking for some information about programming our heater controller and ran across a folder that said stencils. This is what I found.

The small ones are freebies from Leisure Arts magazine. The green ones are from Ben Franklin and I have no idea when I got them. Some of the holiday ones on the left are from a craft store in the city I grew up in down in Southern California. The ones that were purchased were 99 cents each. Maybe my Mom bought some of these to use but I think I probably did.

Funny how most of them looked like they were never used just like some supplies I have that I bought more recently (over the last several years). They were also made for a different purpose than card making but it is fun to see how for the most part there is very little detail compared to what we use today. I told my hub we could use them to add seasonal decor next to our house address on the curb. Ha.


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