Stamp & Scrapbook Expo Card Class

These are cards I made in a class at Stamp and Scrapbook Expo that was last weekend very close to me in Pleasanton.  It was really nice to have my friend Beth come from Utah to take 2 classes and do some shopping. Always more fun to go with a crafty friend. I thought I was not in the mood to do holiday cards but they were fun and I like the way they turned out. Everything was cut out and some of it is a printed paper panel. We did inking on the snowflakes, snowman, skates, gate, wreath and flowers, the assembly and the glitter highlights. The gate on the second card opens which I would not have thought of doing. They make some awesome stamps and dies. It was fun to highlight with glitter which I don’t usually do to much of. I saw that it makes a big difference if you use the super fine glitter verses the chunkier stuff. Also using the right glue makes it look better too. I like the look of the fine glitter much better.


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